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Mix 94.5   Radio Interview with Sarah & Kevin in the Morning! 

September 5, 2013


Kevin:  Alright we have some very special guest in the studio for a special event coming up tonight. And we want you to be a part of it.  One People present The Lounge and it’s a community event to bring awareness to violence against women. We have three lovely ladies who are going to tell us about the event. And we want you to be a part of this. And we have Marcela and Jenny today and we are going to start off with Michelle.


Michelle:  Thank you for having us! 


Kevin:  Well, it’s a pleasure. This I think is a very worthwhile event that I think we need to get some people behind to support this because it's about bringing awareness to violence against women. Something that I would love for one day we don’t have to do events for.


Michelle:  Yea.


Kevin:  You know.


Michelle:  We’ve actually done two previous events and each event that we do is to bring awareness to some type of cause or even raise money or support for local nonprofits and different organizations.  


Kevin:  You guys have recently as of April just formed this organization. Is that correct?


Michelle:  Yea yea. April was our first and it was really the pilot. We really didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into. We really wanted to have an event to promote the amazing creative people in Champaign-Urbana, but at the same time bring awareness. At that event, we raised money for a school in Kenya.


Kevin:  Oh that’s right. I read about that actually and all these different events that are tailored to help out and this one, of course, is violence against women. And what people can expect from this…I guess we need to tell them where is this going to be at and at what time and everything.


Michelle:  It’s going to be at a location called The Hub.  It's 912 W. Springfield Ave. in Urbana on the corner of Gregory and Springfield. And it’s going to be at 7 pm.  


Sarah:  And when people head out, what sort of things are going to be happening?


Michelle:  Well, you’re going to see probably some of the most creative people there. We have storytellers. We have spoken word artists. We have musicians. We’re going to have a stand-up comedian which is pretty awesome.


Kevin:  Wow!  A little bit of everything then.


Michelle:  A little bit of everything.


Kevin:  It’s like entertainment for a cause.


Michelle:  Yea! And we are going to spotlight actually four local women organizations and advocacy groups in town. So not only is it to bring awareness, but also bring awareness to these centers that are doing really great things in the community. We are spotlighting Women in Transition, Beth’s Place, which is a domestic abuse shelter in Tuscola.  We’re spotlighting Family Advocacy and R.A.C.E.S.


Sarah:  That is so great! All really worthy organizations here in our community. And you mentioned before that our community does have a lot of creative, interesting, performance sort of related people. And it’s just a really cool outlet to be able to see this level of creativity in our community.


Kevin:  And we got Marcela and Jenny. Now, you’re going to be out there. Why is this event important to you guys?


Jennifer:  I think its something that we felt does happen in our community and a lot of times people don’t even know about it. Or we don’t talk about it. So we want to let people know that does happen and there are places that can help. Women may be afraid to reach out. It’s a hard thing to talk about sometimes. But with this event, we are just wanting to let people know that there is help out there and you can reach out.  


Sarah:  You’re talking about domestic violence and it doesn’t always manifest itself in physical traits, it can be emotional as well. And that is the hardest to see. There are no physical representations.


Kevin:  And that’s why I wanted you guys to come in. I wanted to make sure and pass this along to our listeners because there might be someone out there right now who is in an abusive situation and they feel lost and no place to go. No one to talk to. And these type of events, they tell you “yes, there is someone you can talk to.” And you can talk to a group of people event that might be familiar with the situation and you can move on with your life in a positive way.


Sarah:  If people want to learn more about you. I don’t know if you’re looking for volunteers. How can people find out more about One People?


Marcela:  Yea, we have a website. It's called We are also on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram. On our website, there is a place where you can contact us and it will send us an email. So that is the best way to get in touch with us.


Sarah: So


Marcela:  Yep.


Kevin:  Community event to bring awareness to violence against women, One People presents The Lounge. Going on tonight, 7 o’clock. Go to the website or call us, we will give you more information. Best of luck.  Thanks for doing this ladies and it was a pleasure.


Marcela:  Thanks for having us!