CAMP activities are programmed with the intentions to inspire creativity, affirm individuality, & build community.


CAMP represents & celebrates the diverse and multicultural world we live in & seeks to foster an understanding & inclusive community.


Program Managers are reminded of their growing creativity, esteemed worth, & unlimited possibility.

OPSAC (One People's Summer Arts Camp) is a community arts program 100% free to children ages 9-14. In 15 hours, kids participate in activities designed to nurture creativity, build confidence, and foster community.

OPSAC is programmed by Program Developers during CAMP, One People's annual service-curricula experience.


Annual Community Programming Season / Service-Curricula Experience 

Approx. 75 hrs of Service  |  CAMP begins January 1 and ends December 31.


program includes

Program Developer Workshop

Program Team Meetings


OPSAC (15-hours either in-person or online)


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